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Paintings: the Material Realm ~ '019-023 ~

Welcome to my corner of the universe. Each sphere is an evolving series of paintings.
In the 'The Pyretic Spiral', the paintings act as windows into its material dimension, capturing the intricate weave of life, entities, and events, especially within 'The Lacteal Blaze' galaxy and, more specifically, on ēarth 38.2. Origins of ēarth 38.2 represents Åtum's journey to the heart of ēarth 38.2. 'The Trans* Pantheon' depicts queer and trans deities that challenge and reinterpret traditional beliefs. The Euphoric Unshape' delves into identity's fluidity, moving from figuration to abstraction, reflecting the liminal space of 'otherness'; and the 'ēarth 38.2 in 30 Days: A Pictorial Codex' provides daily glimpses into this otherworldly existence. Together, these paintings expand on exploration, identity, and the tangible manifestations of an imaginative universe.

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