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The Trans* Pantheon

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Beyond the Filament

This series casts a light on the often-overlooked trans* deities and gods, weaving together a doctrine where marginalized tales take center stage. Diving into the depths of Christianity and its interconnected folklore, I bring to the forefront the queer and trans* figures that have been overshadowed. This exploration not only confronts Christian nationalism's obscuring of inherent queerness but is interwoven with my personal journey of transition, posing a direct challenge to prevailing viewpoints.

The series has dual aims: to shed light on the LGBTQ+ elements concealed within these religious narratives and to reclaim and repurpose tales historically weaponized against our community. This work not only challenges dominant narratives but carves out a sanctuary where our stories are celebrated and revered.

The use of abstraction in depicting these figures resonates with the nuanced experiences in non-normative gender identities. It encapsulates the dual phenomena of trans erasure—when visibility disrupts societal norms—and the paradoxical nature of being unseen while also being misperceived. However, this abstraction, in its fluidity, holds transformative power. The figures, at times clear and at other moments fading into uncertainty, beckon viewers to deeper engagement, suggesting understanding is a continuous journey. For me, each layer unveiled broadens the scope of my universe, endowing it with greater depth and freedom.

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