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ēarth 38.2 VR Saga: The Journey Within ~'022-'023~

Project type

VR - Oculus Tilt Brush


2022 - ongoing


ēarth 38.2

Each piece in this series was crafted using Oculus Tilt Brush, facilitating the creation of intricate virtual environments. After the initial design phase, screen recordings were taken directly from these VR domains. These recordings were subsequently refined into videos, spotlighting selected moments and elements from the ecosystems realized within the VR headset. The content integrates the foundational line work of my drawings with the gestural essence of my paintings, all set amidst galactic beings and their respective ecosystems. This approach offers a glimpse into how traditional studio practices can be intertwined with contemporary VR tools.

Follow Atum's journey through four distinct VR environments within ēarth 38.2. The series starts with a boat ride on a river, progresses through a cave, arrives at a land with a central tree in Eden, and culminates inside the tree itself. Each video is a screen recording from the VR Tilt Brush, showcasing the created environments. The narrative hints at a deeper exploration beneath the tree into the inner realms of ēarth 38.2.

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