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Exit Strategies for Dysphoric Bodies '019

Project type

30 paintings in 30 days


January, 2019


beyond the body

Exit Strategies for Dysphoric Bodies
30x30 Exhibition
Oil on panel, 30 paintings, each 6in x 6in, 2019.

In January 2019, over a span of 30 consecutive days, I translated moments of gender dysphoria into a series of paintings. Each artwork originates from a specific instance of experiential dissonance, where I felt transported to a liminal space, compelling me to imagine myriad ways of departing from my own body: percolating through pores, shedding skin like an outfit, oozing from a fissured skull, or intertwining my veins with roots beneath the earth, to name just a few.

Through abstraction, dismantling, and reconstruction, this series articulates the dynamic experience of gender dysphoria — encompassing its physical, mental, and social facets. It speaks to the perpetual state of becoming and the contrasts between a verb-driven experience and a noun-defined identity, like that of being queer, trans*, or gender-variant. Explicitly, this collection resists the societal compulsion to produce an easily digestible, representative trans* figure — a tokenistic portrayal often sought to validate one's existence, eschewing sensationalism and mere documentation.

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